HOUSEform standards

HOUSEform offers:

  • A 24-month warranty on all pieces of furniture. The warranty covers both execution and quality of materials used to manufacture our furniture.
  • Guarantee of uniqueness. When buying furniture at HOUSEform, we guarantee that your furniture will be manufactured to your individual order. Our clients determine the size, colour, handles or even upholstery materials in their furniture. This makes HOUSEform furniture unique and allows us to satisfy even the most demanding clients. That is the reason why we have no problems even with the most unusual interiors because our furniture is 'tailor-made'.
  • Assembly and carry prices included. After a prior scheduling, furniture purchased at HOUSEform is transported and assembled at the address indicated by the client. Our employees can provide you wth some practical guidance on how to properly use and look after your furniture so that it is always beautiful.
  • Furniture design and visualization prices included. If you decide to buy furniture at HOUSEform, you will get a free design and a visualization form with any possible changes so that the effect achieved satisfied your needs.
  • After-sales service. Even after the warranty period on our furniture is over, and you have some doubts on the use of furniture, we are always there to provide professional help. If after a few years from the purchase date you decide to modify you furniture (e.g. change the handles, replace upholstery material), we will also solve your problem