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Interior design

Nowadays, designing an interior is a great challenge. A multitude of forms and materials, a wide selection of furniture and decorative accessories - these aspects are constantly changing. However, we must remember that current trends are one thing - a perfect interior, in which we will always feel comfortable, is another. We always try to meet the expectations of our customers by helping them create space to which they would always want to come back. Therefore, we provide our customers with an opportunity to benefit from our expertise and preparation of a professional interior design. After an interview with a client, we create an interior design (it is systematically verified and discussed with the client until a 100 % satisfactory effect is achieved). If need arises, we can meet at the client's house as this allows us to better understand the interior we arrange. These consultations are free for all customers of HOUSEform.

Furniture should be beautiful but also practical and easy to look after. This is precisely what HOUSEform furniture is - ideal for any interior.